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  • Resto Shaman
  • Resto Druid
  • Damage dealers
  • Back-up players
  • Exceptional players

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Raid Rules & Infomation

Below is information the way in which Møtiøn operate and conduct themselves inside and outside of raids. This should be regarded as a set of guide lines or rules in which to follow and maintain during your time in the guild. We are by no means 'serious' 'dictators' or 'elitist' but, to provide the highest possible quality of life for each individual and the guild as a whole, we feel these are necessary and help to maintain a diplomatic and consistent environment.

Basic raid preparation

  • Your character is set up optimally for raids ( gems, glyphs etc. )
  • You have fully researched the boss encounter and are fully aware of mechanics, abilities etc
  • You have fully researched your own individual role's contributing abilities and tasks for the boss encounter
  • You have made all possible effort to obtain the best available gear for your main raiding character ( you have run lfr, dungeons, quests etc )

Loot Distribution

We use a Loot Council to distribute loot. We feel this is best way to increase raid progression and make sure that the team and individuals are optimally geared for raid progression.


We expect people to attend raid on time ( lateness that has not had any effort made to notify their team mates will not be tolerated )

We expect people to attend raid nights they sign up for ( we highly appreciate that real life can be challenging and erratic at times and we are completely fine and understand people not making raid, BUT if you are not available for a raid you have signed you MUST give AT LEAST 12 hours notice in form of a Facebook message, in game mail, text message or guild forums )

Communication and Attitude in raid

We expect ALL members to maintain an adult, mature and professional attitude in raid We ask raid members to maintain a very low level of volume during a pull. Just imagine your waiting for your raid leader to announce the use of your cooldown but all you can hear is what mary brought from the shops last night�� It causes aggro, confusion and arguments and we do not tolerate it full stop. As you can appreciate 20 people talking all at once isn't going to help anyone in any way. Outside of the pull, we fully welcome people to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Give 100% from start to finish

We expect all raid members to be willing to make sacrifices or to 'take one for the team' and sit out if needed, without drama or childish antics To play for the Guild/Teams progression and not their own (selfishness is not accepted in Motion period)

Team Choice & Selection

The Raid Leader will decide the team prior to fights and will inform the raid group of the line up. We will consider all possible variables and will aim to pick a team that has the strongest likelihood of killing a progression boss.
  • Class abilities
  • Cool-downs
  • Player's performance & attitude

These are example's of things we consider when picking a team line up. But please note, we value a players skill level FAR more than class abilities, and generally tend to favor the player over the class. But having said this, this isn't always an option we have available and sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

We strongly appreciate that this can be highly frustrating for some players when their class is deemed 'worthless' on certain fights, but must be willing to take the bullet and do what is needed for the team to achieve success.

Bare in mind that during farm the need for certain abilities is greatly lowered and we can then bring players who missed out before to obtain their achievement/kill/s. If players are not happy about the possibility of being 'benched' on fights then we highly advise them to search for a new raid team. We don't intend to sound harsh here, but it is in the best interest of the individual as well as the guild/raid team as a whole.

We tolerate ZERO drama but will of course welcome any concerns of issues players may have.

In Raid Breaks

All raid nights have a break or breaks. We generally take a 5 minute and 10 minute at times we feel a break is needed.

Generally speaking we take 10 minutes as a main break, resulting from constant wipes or tiredness and people just need to refresh their batteries or for the Raid Council to discuss strategy.

We generally use the 5 minute break as means of not wasting time if someone needs to 'afk' for a few minutes, or people want a toilet/drink break, in order to maximize the nights raid time.

We are human and completely appreciate how things go during raids. We all need breaks, we all have our limits, but please please please bare in mind that YOU are not the ONLY person in the team and that if you extend a break period and keep people sitting around waiting without letting us know, effectively wasting peoples evening, players will not appreciate this, and in extreme circumstances, persistent time wasting could result in loosing your spot. This sounds harsh, but some players have to make very demanding sacrifices in order to maintain attendance, and we appreciate this greatly, and will not tolerate people disrespecting that effort.

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